Who is Improvisation Dance Festival?

It is an independent artist initiative. The entire team consists of young artists from different disciplines.
“Dance is an indispensable need for us. Improvisation dance, on the other hand, is a form of existence where we capture the moment. “
Steve Paxton defines improvisational dance as follows; “The improvisational dance form is based on the communication between two moving bodies in physical contact and the physical laws that govern their movements - the unified relationship of the gravity, the momentum.”
Our festival designates common areas where participants from across the world and dance lovers can meet. Just as Paxton touches upon the physical laws and dance. We also create, through our festival, a new dialogue and momentum between the performing arts spaces, its participants and its venues.

Mission & Values

The Festival Organization presents new developments to dance educational studies in Turkey by presenting performances from the world stage. It opens a space for Dance scholarships and International auditions . It contributes to the development of the theoretical field in dance from online and face-to-face platforms. It combines dance and social responsibility projects within the framework of dance and social justice. It builds new dialogues between dancers, locally and internationally.

Bize Katılın

Festival hakkında tüm haberleri ilk duyan siz olun.
Bu alan doğrulama amaçlıdır ve değişiklik yapılmadan bırakılmalıdır.
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