Uluslararası Doğaçlama Dans FestivaliUluslararası Doğaçlama Dans Festivali


International Improvisation Dance Festival

The festival focuses on the association of the concept of improvisation with dance and performance arts. The festival aims at local and international collaborations, the production of new works, the development of theory and archiving studies in the field of dance.

Why Improvisation Dance Festival

We are bringing an "International" dance festival once again to Istanbul, the capital of culture and art.
By building dialogues between local and foreign dance and performance artists, we open up space for academic studies and new productions in the field of dance.

Focusing on the concept of "Improvisation", which takes place in all branches of art, we design content related to the intersections of different disciplines with dance.
We bring together participants from all walks of life in different public spaces of the city with our activities such as "COMMON DANCE FLOOR", "DANCE WITH DIFFERENT BODIES" and "YOUTH DANCE".

We create a festival infrastructure where physical boundaries disappear with the help of new developing technologies.



In 2021, the first edition of the festival took place online.

The festival featured site-specific performances, artist talks, workshops and film screenings.

The festival, which was open to everyone's participation, took place free of charge in its first year.

35 different dancers, academics and choreographers from 10 different countries participated in the program.

There were 14 workshops, 7 performances, 7 artist talks and 6 dance films.

With our more than 600 participants, we created an environmentally conscious festival by using the new features of the multimedia.

With performances, workshops, and artist talks in the field of dance, we opened a space for artists to come together and produce new works. In the new works produced, the use of multiple cameras and spaces were investigated.

Through workshops, we have carried out studies to eliminate the lack of access to education in the field of performing arts during the pandemic. We expanded our terminological repertoire examining the performances of the artists. Through dance analysis, we learned the basics of improvisation practice and how it is used while creating a performance.

We have almost eliminated the travel restriction brought by the pandemic by using multimedia (Zoom / youtube / instagram) tools. With international cooperation, we organized trainings that the youth and the adults in our country could benefit from, free of charge.

Translation support was provided at the workshops held in English. Language was not allowed to be a barrier to the participants' acquaintance with the performing arts.

The physical and psychological health of individuals who were confined to their homes during the pandemic was supported through movement and group work.

2021 @Improdancefest

Our instructors who led workshops; Ekin Tunçeli & Klankist, Tuğçe Ulugün Tuna, Dilek Champs, Bengi Sevim Yörük, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Beliz Demircioğlu, Magda Skowron, Nikki Holck, Elena Valls Garcia, Talin Büyükkürkciyan, Martha Ladjanszki, Dani Cole, Cansu Ergin, Yoshiko Chuma, Ingo Reulecke.

Our artists who participated with their performances: Berkcan Ceylan, Ekin Ançel, Diren Ezgi Yıldızkan, Talin Buyukkurkciyan, Kamola Rashidova, Valentinaxx_xyztd, İdil Kemer, Funflows and team, Sabina Andrea Allen, Adrianna Plessa, Lina Gomez, Nikolai Gallen, Hoek Collective.

Artist Talks: Atmasyon Dance Company, Ayumi Toyabe, Maria Rosko, Berra Yedek, Beliz Demircioglu, Joakim Stephenson, Taldans Audio Choreography experience

Many Thanks to all dancers and participants,


In 2022, our festival aims to develop an artistic and cultural dialogue between dancers, academics and choreographers in Turkey and abroad, and to provide venue, exhibition, rehearsal, etc. support for newly produced works. It encourages the increase and dissemination of technical and theoretical studies in the field of improvisational dance and performance. It aims to bring together the world dance scene, young dancers and dance producers from Turkey on the same platforms. Using digital technologies, we envision creating content that reduces our carbon footprint and explores sustainable forms of an accessible festival structure as well as contributing to the raising of a generation that is sensitive to the environment, interested in art and dance, and has an increased body awareness.

Theme of 2022 International Improvisation Dance Festival, which we will organize for the second time this year: The concept of "The EMPTY SPACE" by Peter Brook. The festival will focus on on the reconfiguration of dance in the empty spaces of (RS) Real versus (VS) Virtual Spaces and meeting people face to face again at the Empty Spaces of the city.
“The components of the space, the transformation of the floor, the configuration of the dance like a playground, the state of being ‘here and now’, Young-Dance, Social-ImproDance, Public Dance Floor, (Creations) Performative Workshops, Dance-films, Hybrid Performance topics are the other subheadings we focus on.

The participating artists are encouraged to design dance works, reconstructing the space and reimagining that moment.

By establishing common links between artists, participants and venues, workshops, and meetings will be organized and the groundwork will be prepared for the creation of collaborative works.



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