Open Call ! 2022 International Improvisation Dance Festival 

Before applying, please read the application criteria and conditions below 

@ImpoDancefest 2022 The International Improvisation Dance Festival is taking place in Istanbul between 10-19 June 2022, face-to-face and online as a hybrid format. We have an open call for performances, workshops, dance films and presentations by local and international artists!

This year's theme: 'The Empty Space' and 'Emptiness' as conceptualized by Peter Brook. The festival  focuses on the reconstruction of dance in the 'empty spaces' of the city and the way people build new bonds in these ‘spaces’ & 'voids' through movement.

Within the scope of the theme: "Components of space, transformation of space, negative and positive areas of the body, body in space, spaces inside and outside the body, dance as a playground, moment of emptiness, void, ‘state of being here and now’, spontaneity.”

You can apply to the categories you want with one or more of your performance, workshop, dance movie or presentation suggestions that you associate with the festival theme.

It aims to bring together all dance lovers with site-specific performances designed for public spaces, workshops planned on level dance platforms, experience areas, free workshops for individuals of all ages and walks of life.


How would you like to participate in the festival?

You can apply to the festival in 4 different categories that you associate with the festival theme:

Performance, Teach a Workshop, Presentation, Screen Dance

*You need to fill out a new form for each category you would like to participate in. 


What We Offer? / Conditions:

@ImproDance 2022 International Improvisation Dance Festival will offer the following to artists accepted by the Open Call;

- Venue, technical support, (rehearsal space if needed), assistant

- Communications and PR,

- Free access to all events at the festival (if reserved or notified in advance)

- Accommodation, (if coming outside from the city- İstanbul, during the festival working time.)

- 50% of the event revenues if ticketed will be provided to the artist/teams. 

*Ticket sales policies of each venue vary.


Application Criterias:

Performance category, the duration of your performance should be within the limits of 10-90 minutes. 

Workshop category, please indicate the time internals you need. 1,5 hour, or 3 hour or intensive time intervals can be possible. How many days, how many hours you need.

While programming with the festival team, there may be revisions in duration.

Presentation category, the duration of your presentation should be within the limits of 15-60 minutes. 

Screendance Film, durations of short films up to 15 mins are considered, Please indicate if it is longer. Indicate your project type. ( experimental, documentary, animation, short film, etc.)

Curation of the Dancefilm/Screendance category will made in collaboration with Onur Topal-Sümer - Dance Camera Istanbul Festival/Dance Camera PandeMANIA & ImproDance Festival.

The categories you apply for must be associated with improvisational dance (containing an improvisational element) and "Empty Space", this year's theme. 


The evaluations will be based on the category you are applying for, 

-how many people you have in your team, 

-technical and financial feasibility.

-The spatial and temporal placement in the festival program will be decided by the festival team, taking into account the date and venue needs specified by the applicant.

*Selected artists agree to have their works in the category (performance, workshop, presentation, dance film) to be exhibited at the International Improvised Dance Festival and to sign the Artist Agreement. 

-It allows the visual, written and other kinds of materials of the works to be used for promotional and educational purposes.

-The applicant artist accepts that s/he provides all the documents requested at the application form, that all the information in these documents belongs to their own, that they have the legal permission from the owners of the photo, video, text, music content in the information they share, and therefore does not violate the Intellectual Property rights of any third parties.

 *The artist agreement  will be shared with the accepted artists. If the agreement is signed, the applicant artist will be included in the festival program.


The process:

After the application process is completed, the artists to be invited will be evaluated by the Advisory Board. All participants will be notified by e-mail from .

The Festival Management may organize a Zoom meeting with the participants to whom it has given positive feedback. As a result of a positive meeting, Artist Agreements are signed.

*Dates and venues may vary within the scope of coronavirus measures.


Important Dates:

Open Call Application Starts: 5th of March 2022
Application Deadline: It ends at 23:59 on 5th April 2022 Turkey time.
Results will be announced at the second part of April 2022.
Festival dates: 10-19 June 2022

Please fill in all the questions in the category you are applying to.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

*To apply, you need to fill out a new application form in the link for each category and different project you would like to participate in.


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